The City of Winchester is a city of the Third Class in Kansas and follows a Council-Mayor form of government. All Council Meetings are open to the public and are regularly held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7PM  in the John Steuart Curry Community Center.


Viola “Dee” McHardie (Term ends 2020)

Charlene Miller (Term ends 2022)

Tonya Reed (Term ends 2022)

Terry Willyard (Term ends 2022)

Virginia Winsor (Term ends 2020)


(Term ends 2020)

City Employees:

City Clerk: Pam Erhart

City Treasurer: Carol Barnhardt

Public Works Superintendant: Charles Frakes

Police Chief: Daniel Ruff

Police Officers: Travis Courter, Kinte Forrest

City Attorney: Lee Hendricks, Stumbo Hanson LLP

City Judge: Dennis Reiling

Planning & Zoning Board: Stanley Miller, President; Judy Scott, Secretary; Ray Rule; Nick Gerety; Greg Scrivener